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IDC released its Q3 2020 PC shipping report where Apple’s Mac shipping growth blew past Lenovo and HP Combined

Last Friday, Patently released a report entitled “In the 3rd quarter, PC Shipments broke a 10-year growth record with Apple having healthy growth while Dell took a big tumble.” The statistics from Canalys were positive for Apple with 13.2% growth compared to the year. However, IDC’s PC shipment report has just been published for the third quarter, and the figures blow away those that were published by Canalys last week. In fact, Apple delivered the best PC growth for the quarter over its best competitors. Even better than Apple’s tripled the growth that Lenovo and HP delivered.

IDC’s PC shipment table for Q3 2020 below shows us that Apple shipped 1,931 more Macs than in Q3 201

9. They shipped 4,959 in Q3 2019 against 6890 in Q3 2020, representing 38.9% growth from the year before.

2 x map IDC PC shipments

Instead of marking the individual companies as Apple, IDC chose to list the countries where the highest strength in PC shipments was.

Canada: The traditional PC market remained extremely active, yielding the 17th consecutive quarter. This is the second quarter in which COVID-19-related restrictions were in force, and continued to increase demand from Canadian households and from organizations seeking to ensure business continuity through home-based situations. The need for data processing units in Canada should be high throughout the winter, but spending may be affected by the macroeconomic situation, increasing the pressure on average sales prices in the foreseeable future.

USA: The traditional PC market was another extraordinary quarter with strong double-digit shipping growth. Preliminary results still reflect strong buyer sentiment driven by home PC needs and resulting inventory replenishment. While portable shipments strengthened further due to persistent demand from the consumer and education segment, the desktop market declined from year to year, but found a certain deadline as gaming systems were still in demand.

The report further noted that the industry experienced a shortage of several components, such as processors, panels and other sub-components, leading to lost opportunities for many suppliers. IDC stated that the deficiency was due more to a lack of business planning than a technical error. They expect the backlog to be likely to continue into 2021. “For more on this, read the full IDC report.

Gartner also released its PC shipping report today, but they count Microsoft Surface devices, but not iPads, especially the iPad Pro according to their fine print. We cannot support the type of report that determines that a PC is limited to Windows and macOS. Apple’s iPad, although running on iOS, performs PC functionality, and until Gartner acknowledges that, we will not publish their statistics, which we believe are biased.

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