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I’m literally tired of the MacBook.

Hi, I bought MacBook Pro 2020 2 months ago, and ever since I have been struggling with these issues that keep coming back. I do not think I have any problems with hardware, but software kills me. This is my first time using a MacBook, so I do not know if this is a known issue, but I have many different processes, services running in the background and messing with my processor, which causes it to heat up most of the time. As far as I know they are all different iCloud services (accountsd, photolibraryd, photoanalysisd, corespeechd, com.apple.ImageConversionService …).

So many such services start randomly when I am in the middle of something, which makes my computer completely useless. I’m thinking of resetting my Mac since I̵

7;ve tried many different things I came across online that people credited as a “solution”. As someone who’s just trying to do his job, I do not know why I have to deal with all of these after paying $ 2,000. I’ve been using the iPhone and iPad for a long time and I’ve been quite happy, so I thought the Mac would be the same, but no, sorry.

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