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iMacgyver: AppleWatch

This may be the best use of my Apple Watch since having a series of 0 just to get my series a week ago!

So my wife and I come home and we can not get into our bedroom because of our Schlage number pad lock, which does not answer any codes. Sparring All The Problems With Shooting Details I was a decision away from kicking in the door and eating the replacement cost. That was before I pulled an iMacgyver. After pushing the door of the double door in the middle, I took my iPhone turned on my Hue light and threw the iPhone under the door side down. Then I turned on my Apple Watch to camera and managed to look on the other side. With some ingenuity, I got some pair of leashes and tied the kids toy donut at the end. As luck would have, my wife came over to see wtf I did and took a picture while smiling (which is what you see). With a couple of turns and eyes on Apple Watch, I was able to put the donut between the handle and the door, pull up and viola! The door opens, the wife is in disbelief, and I'm the one who laughs now! If I had a series of 0 … my wife would still smile!

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