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Injection Tracker, Do.List and Modern Magic 8 Ball

Maintain medical injections, organize your life and collect in the future with today's collection of applications.

All app prices can be changed at any time and without notice regardless of the stated free duration. Price changes are solely during the development of the developers.

Do.List: Making List Organizer ($ 3.99 → Free, 55.7 MB): Organize your entire life with Do.List. Everyone with a busy life.

Do.List covers all aspects of your life from home to work. It allows you to create task lists for today, tomorrow, or at some point in the future. Tasks within lists can be prioritized with drag and drop. Where to do. Slightly different from other productivity, apps are with life lists. It contains 30 customized life lists to help you organize everything from yard and housework to grocery and movie lists. The app also includes state tracking, a widget, Apple Watch support and iCloud support.

Do.List: To Do List Organizer is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 1

416 characters.

Injection Trace and Reminder ($ 2.99 → Free, 44.5 MB): Keep track of medical injections with injection tracks. Those with conditions that require injections.

Injection Tracker acts as your personal assistant. You can add more medications to the database by recording the name, the amount of pictures from the pharmacy, the number of pictures in the warehouse and the schedule. Injection Tracker supports multiple injection zones and subtypes so you can easily tap on regions of an avatar and rotate through them. If you miss an injection, the app will continue to remind you of the action. Injection Tracker also includes the ability to export injection history.

Injection Tracker & Reminder is available for free for a limited period. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 63 characters.

Modern Magic 8 Ball ($ 0.99 → Free, 46.1 MB): Ask a question and receive answers with the Modern Magic 8 Ball. Those looking for some fun.

Modern Magic 8 Ball is an updated version of everyone's favorite fortune-counting device. Just ask a yes or no question, press the 8 button or shake the device and receive a reply. You can choose to receive classic answers, new answers or create your own. The app also includes various themes and icon designs to choose form, Smart Invert and VoiceOver support, Apple Watch support and eight languages ​​to choose from.

Modern Magic 8 Ball is available for free for limited time. It has a 4.5 star rating with a total of 119 characters.

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