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Insider reveals iPhone 12 launch information and more Apple secrets – BGR

  • The release date for the iPhone 12 has been postponed, Apple confirmed a few weeks ago. A new report mentions the launch delay and says that the iPhone 12 professionals can be launched even later than the iPhone X did back in 2017.
  • The report also describes the iPhone 12 design and main specifications, all of which are in line with previous reports on the case. Apple plans to sell as many as 75 million iPhone 12 devices this year alone.
  • Apple will also launch a full-screen iPad Air, two new Apple watches, a new HomePod speaker, AirPods headphones and AirTags trackers this fall.

The year of the novel coronavirus may have changed everything about daily life, but Apple will still unveil a new iPhone series this fall. The iPhone 1

2 launch event could be delayed by as much as a month, with the cheaper iPhone 12 versions due to be launched in mid-October. The iPhone 12 pros come a few weeks after that, several leaks have claimed recently. While Apple a few weeks ago confirmed that the iPhone 12 would not be available in stores at the end of September, the company did not make any announcements about the next iPhone launch event or the phone’s launch date. An insider familiar with Apple’s plans has just revealed more details about the iPhone 12 series, as well as all the other new Apple products that Apple will launch in the coming months.

Especially absent from Mark Gurman’s new Bloomberg piece about Apple’s upcoming plans is the ARM MacBook which appeared in another report earlier this week. Apple told WWDC 2020 that the first Mac with Apple Silicon inside will launch this fall, as the company plans to transfer the entire PC fleet to its own processors. Some reports said the device would be unveiled during the iPhone event, but Gurman does not mention it.

Apple is about to launch a new iPad Air tablet this fall, with “an edge-to-edge iPad Pro-like screen,” the report notes. A recent leak showed us the alleged user guide for the unreleased tablet, which revealed that the device would pack a Touch ID button built into the home button.

The most exciting detail in Bloomberg the report applies to the Apple Watch. We already know that Apple will unveil a new Series 6 flagship laptop. But the report indicates that Apple will also replace the less expensive Series 3, which will compete with the less expensive training devices. It is unclear what features the Series 3 replacement will deliver, but there is no denying that the $ 199 Watch 3 was a huge success. An updated product will probably sell just as well, especially this year.

Apple will also unveil a smaller, less expensive HomePad model, and it is expected to announce its first AirPods headphones over the ear. A new Apple TV with a faster processor for improved gaming and updated remote control is also underway, but it may not be released until next year.

Finally, Apple is expected to unveil the AirTags trackers during the iPhone event, which comes with a leather case.

Apple watch
Apple Watch Series 5 models. Image source: Apple Inc.

Bloombergs The report focuses mainly on the iPhone 12 series, revealing that the design of the handset and many of its features were completed before the COVID-19 main pandemic strike. But Apple had problems with final testing and had to delay production start by several weeks due to the pandemic. As a result, the cheaper iPhone 12 models will be launched on an unspecified date in October, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro phones in November. While Gurman has no iPhone 12 release dates, the report notes that the iPhone 12 Pro hits stores even later in the season than the iPhone X, which was launched on November 3, 2017.

Apple has started mass production of the iPhone 12 phones, and they expect demand in line with previous years, the report states. Apple is making 75 million 5G iPhones this year, which is in line with the first production plans for the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS series.

All four iPhone 12 phones support 5G connectivity, but the report indicates that a few testers found that “some of the current 5G networks do not improve connection speeds much.” 5G connectivity will still be limited in some countries.

Testers also revealed that the 6.7-inch is “one of the year’s most notable improvements”, but the report does not mention 120Hz support. There are rumors that the iPhone 12 professionals will get screens with a higher refresh rate, although not all leaks agree that the feature is ready to be distributed this year.

The report says that all four iPhone models have updated designs with square edges that are similar to the iPad Pro. The iPhone 12 pros come in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes and have center frames in stainless steel. The pros will also get a new dark blue color that will replace Midnight Green on the iPhone 11. The regular iPhone 12 will have 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screens.

On the front of the camera comes the iPhone 12 Pros with LIDAR sensors similar to the iPad Pro models.

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