As of today, Instagram has been in the App Store for ten years. To celebrate, the app has brought back classic icons from the past, as well as variations on the current icon as an Easter egg in the app.

As The Verge reports, you can access the icons by going to Instagram’s settings view and then swiping down the iPhone screen until a series of emoji appear. Keep swiping until confetti rains and the icons are revealed. Like me, you may also need to restart your iPhone for the home screen changes to take effect. In total, there are a dozen icons to choose from, except for the default option.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram has also released a couple of other features. From your profile page, you can access three years of archived stories from a private calendar or map view. For National Bulbing Prevention Month in the United States, Instagram is also testing a feature that automatically hides comments similar to others that have already been reported by users as offensive. Alerts to people who post offensive comments are also extended to alert repeat offenders that their comments may be hidden for display or that their accounts will be deleted.