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Instagram lets you change iPhone’s home screen icon as part of your 10th birthday


Instagram turns 10 today, and as part of the anniversary celebration, the company is launching a bunch of new features that are primarily intended to curb online bullying. In addition, Instagram will for a limited time also allow iPhone and Android users to customize the app icon on the home screen.

As part of the update, Instagram will extend the “nudge”

; alerts to alert users when trying to post an average comment. The warning will also indicate that Instagram may end up disabling accounts of users who often break the rules. The company will also try to shield the recipient from such hateful comments by automatically hiding them based on other similar comments that have been reported by Instagram users.

There is also a new Stories Map feature. This will be a private map showing all the stories you have posted over the last three years. Users have the ability to share these stories or save them in the highlights. It’s interesting to see Instagram pull up your old stories despite the fact that they are short-lived in nature.

To support small businesses and creators, Instagram will now allow them to tag products in their IGTV content, allowing users to directly purchase the products they are interested in. This feature will also make its way to Reels in the near future.

Finally, Instagram also allows iPhone and Android users to change the app icon to one of the many app icons that the company has used since its inception in 2010. The feature is sneaked in like an Easter egg. To change the app icon, go to the Profile section of Instagram and press the three menu button at the top right. From there, go to Settings and drag down the page. A new page opens with all the different Instagram app icons from the last decade. Select the icon you want to use and restart the app for the changes to take effect. In total, there are ten icons to choose from, including the original Instagram icon.

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