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Instant Math Helper in the App Store

Mathematics has never been easier!

You are about to download the fastest matte solver!
Take a picture of your questions and get INSTANT explanations, step by step. And yup – it’s 100% free!
If you do not have enough solutions, do not worry. Our teachers from top schools are waiting for you 24/7. Ask them questions anytime, anywhere.

β–Ά How it works
Take a picture of a question you do not know the answer to.
Get solutions to the same or similar questions from our AI (Artificial Intelligence) teacher.
If the solutions are not sufficient, you can ask questions to our supervisors in the app. Our teachers are from top schools all over the world, and they are waiting for you 24/7, anytime and anywhere.

β–Ά Main functions
Instant search engine: Take a picture of a math question, and you̵

7;ll get the solution in 5 seconds! (Yes, it’s 100% free!)
1: 1 Questions and Answers: If you do not have enough solutions, you can ask questions to our teachers from top schools directly. They will give deep explanations until you understand everything!
Smart camera calculator: Take a picture of simple formula and learn with step-by-step instructions!

β–Ά Topic coverage
For instant search engine, we only support math at the moment. But do not worry! If you ask your teachers a 1: 1 question, they can answer most of your questions about math and science, engineering! We are in the process of giving more topics, so please stick to us.

β–Ά Support and feedback
If you have any questions or feedback to improve Qanda, do not hesitate to contact us!

We are more than happy to support math and homework anytime and anywhere.

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Terms and guidelines
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β€’ Privacy Policy: https://qanda.ai/terms/info_term/en_US/0

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