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Intel unveils the best processor for thin and light laptops in the midst of the Apple Silicon transition for Mac

We’re closer than ever to the release of Apple’s first Mac powered by Apple Silicon processors. In the midst of this transition, Intel has unveiled its new 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors, naming them the “best processor for thin and light laptops.”

Intel has previewed its 11th generation Tiger Lake processors in the past, but gave more details during an event today. Chipmaker also said that the new Tiger Lake processors will be available on laptops sometime this fall, providing significant performance improvements over previous Ice Lake processors.

Intel points out that the 11th generation Tiger Lake processors, which are still built on the 1

0nm node, have their new “Xe” integrated graphics as well as support for Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6 connectivity. The goal of the new processors, says Intel, is to offer dramatic performance improvements with lower power consumption and increased battery life.

Like that The edge explains, Intel’s Xe integrated graphics will offer up to twice as high performance. There is also a new built-in AI engine.

Intel is investing heavily in its new integrated Xe graphics, which they promise to offer up to twice the graphics performance, and which Intel says will provide greater benefits than just raw core number increases (an area that, incidentally, AMD currently leads Intel in). A demo shown during Intel’s announcement showed an 11th generation chip that has similar or better graphics performance than a 10th generation chip that works simultaneously with an Nvidia MX350 GPU.

In total, Intel has debuted nine different Tiger Lake chips, ranging from Core i3 processors (which stick with Intel UHD graphics) to Core i7 processors with Iris Xe graphics. The power maximizes at 28W, says Intel.

The 11th generation Tiger Lake processors will probably be the first processors from Intel that Apple does not adopt due to the transition to Apple Silicon processors. Just last month, Apple upgraded the 27-inch iMac, which is powered by 10th-generation Intel processors. The iMac in 2020 is probably the last Intel-powered Mac to debut, although it is not guaranteed.

The Intel Tiger Lake chips are designed for thin and light laptops, which may happen to be the first Apple laptops to switch to Apple Silicon. A new report this week indicated that the 12-inch MacBook could return with Apple Silicon inside, packing 15 to 20 hours of battery life.

Intel has also debuted a new logo (via The edge):

And the new Intel Evo certification standard:

Despite no support from Apple, Intel says you will be able to find Tiger Lake processors in more than 50 laptops this fall from companies such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung.

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