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iOS 13 Beta is bad, stay away from it

iOS 12 is really spoiled by us. They were surprisingly stable. Stable enough to be a daily driver. iOS 13 beta is not. It's pretty bad. It is filled with weird UI glitches, functionality and privacy errors. Not to mention battery problems. Plus, iCloud synchronization for some apps is corrupted. This applies both to developer beta and the public beta. Yes, the dark mode is epic, but you should wait for the final release this fall to try it.

Why You Shouldn't Install iOS 1
3 Beta Right Now

If you follow Apple bloggers on Twitter, you may be familiar with the stability issue over iOS 13 grazing. Ever since the first iOS 13 beta came out, the writing was on the wall. And it didn't get much better with Beta 2 and Beta 3. This was going to be a tough couple of months for the handfuls of us Apple writers and developers who have to run iOS beta builds for work.

But if you & # 39; is one of those adventurous who likes to install iOS beta for fun, you should probably find a new hobby for the next few months. If you are very curious about it, just read our iOS 13 feature list or browse our iOS 13 coverage so far.

Weird Bugs

  iOS 13 What's New Beta

There's no way around it. The IOS 13 bugs I've experienced are pretty weird. And unlike anything I've seen in the last couple of years (and I've been driving them for 5 years now). Here are some of the OS levels and feature level bugs I've encountered.

  • I can't call anyone or receive calls from anyone who is not in my contact book (I call this, the best mistake ever).
  • I cannot send an SMS to anyone who is not in my contact book.
  • Do not disturb does not work.
  • Due to the SMS, I couldn't authenticate and use Google Pay (a popular money transfer app in India).
  • WhatsApp chat recovery from iCloud just wouldn't work. And because WhatsApp doesn't allow you to restore a backup at a later date (which doesn't make sense to me), I've now lost a couple of years of messages and pictures in WhatsApp chats (which, to be honest, isn't so great of a Loss for me, but it may be for someone else.
  • New shortcut automation function just doesn't work.

Large battery drain

Suddenly last Friday, my iPhone X battery was quickly started draining. The entire battery would run down in just a few hours when the iPhone was idle. And this is a known and common problem. A friend who has an iPhone 6s Plus has encountered the same problem. Like many other mistakes, there is no way to find out why it happened and when it will happen to you. And that uncertainty causes me to run iOS 13 beta a risky suggestion, especially if you plan to install it on a daily driver.

iCloud Sync Issues

All beetles are unstable and buggy. After all, they are grazed. But according to Ulysses developers, iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina Betas, " is extraordinarily unstable and buggy ". The problem especially for Ulysses is iCloud. Or rather, the new enhancement and changes in iCloud synchronization leading to missing data. Not good if you write a novel or work on assignments in Ulysses.

According to Ulysses, this problem is familiar to Apple (" Under certain circumstances, iCloud Drive may lack data after upgrading to iOS 13 beta ") and it will be resolved before iOS 13 is released, but right now It a problem. And it's not just limited to Ulysses, it affects all apps that use iCloud synchronization.

App Issues

App reliability is part of a beta and iOS 13 beta is no different. This applies to both warehouse applications and third-party applications. The music cap's new Play Now screen with text screen is very unreliable. Fortnite developers have actually asked players not to use iOS 13 beta.

Security Issues

Recently, beta-bugs have gone to the security area. In fact, if someone has access to your iOS 13 device, they can access all of the site log and passwords from the iCloud key feature. All they have to do is hold on to the option over and over, and the ID ID disappears.

Beta 4 is not the answer

Hope is a fun thing. If you hang in there hoping that Beta 4 or Beta 5 will hit in and solve any problem, it doesn't seem likely. As these betaes go, these problems will not be resolved in a week or two. It's best if you downgrade to iOS 12 and wait for

But if you need to install a Beta

But if you need to install an iOS 13 beta, either for work or if you install it on a daily driver, you should install Public Beta. At least it is easier to return to a stable iOS 12 build from it. Learn how to install IOS 13 Public Beta here.

Your iOS 13 Beta Experience

Are you running iOS 13 beta on the iPhone? Or iPadOS 13 beta on iPad Pro? Share your mistakes and experience with us in the comments below.

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