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iOS 13 removes mobile application download limits

Apple has changed the limitations on mobile data downloads for the upcoming iOS 13. While it has previously increased the limit from 150 MB to 200 MB, Apple has now lifted the limitation completely. With this change, users will be able to download apps from the App Store regardless of size, even when not connected to a WiFi network.

What has changed

This update is more than just removing the border. users
has more control over whether they download large apps via mobile or not

If a user is on a mobile network and wants to download one
great app, they will receive a warning about the size of
The app can then choose whether to continue the download or wait for it
They have a WiFi connection, in case their connection is weak or they are on
risk of running through its data plan.

Users also get the opportunity to continue the download
when they return to a WiFi connection.

Additionally, users can customize this behavior in the Settings menu, under "App Downloads." Users can choose to always download apps over wireless connections, if they will be asked before downloading apps over 200 MB, or if they will always be asked. Whatever user choice, the App Store will always ask before they are downloaded when the user roams.

What this means for apps

Although this change will not affect how apps are detected or
Marketed, it can potentially help larger apps get downloads. There are times
when users hear about an app and quickly open the app store to find it. If they do
can't download it then, because of the app's size or their connection, it may be they are
less likely to remember and download it later. Remove the download limit
can help curb deposits.

Allow the option to pause the download to the device
connected to WiFi can also help in this regard. Although users cannot continue
To download and open the app on mobile data, the device will still remember it
purchase and continue the installation as soon as it is solid
connection. This can help apps keep downloads they might otherwise have lost
due to connection.

Although this change will not require any action
developer page, app developers should still ensure that their apps are full
optimized and visible in the App Store. If users need an app
While they are out and about, they want something they can find quickly with full
assurance that it provides the features they are looking for. An app that uses best practices for App Store optimization
can improve keyword rankings and visibility in the App Store so users
will be able to find it quickly and see that it is what they are looking for.

If a user finds an app and can't download it because of it.
the app's size and their mobile data, they will just move on to the next.
After this change, the concern has been reduced, and even large apps can
Get new downloads from roaming users.

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