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iOS 14 bug detected so far

iOS 14 error

Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 1

4 to the public yesterday, albeit a few hours later than usual. iOS 14 is a major update, and Apple’s strange move to release it just a day after a Golden Master release means that despite the company’s best efforts, the release will surely have some bugs and issues. If you’re wondering what all the bugs and issues have slipped past Apple’s QA team with the stable version of iOS 14, read below.

It’s only been a few hours since iOS 14 was released to the public, but iPhone and iPad owners have reported any bugs they come across while using the new operating system. What is interesting is that the iOS 14 Golden Master and iOS 14 Beta 8 builds were the same. This is also the same version that Apple has released to the public earlier today. Below is a summary of all iOS 14 errors that have been reported so far.

iOS 14 bugs detected or reported so far

  • The shortcut app does not activate Airplay 2 devices when Siri is used to trigger the action.
  • If you update the App Store update page after installing app updates, it hangs.
  • The Mail app sometimes shows read emails when they are updated for unread emails in the two-column view on iPad.
  • Widgets may stop updating occasionally or look pixelated. A reboot solves this problem.
  • Sharing cards for contacts is missing.
  • Turning off location services disables exposure alert notifications.
  • iTunes Store Genius page layout corrupted on iPhones.
  • The Calendar widget removes events 15 minutes after they start even though the event is longer than that.

These are all bugs and issues in iOS 14 that have been reported so far from iPhone and iPad users. If you have come across any other error not mentioned above, please leave a comment and let us know about it!