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iOS 14; How to set Chrome as default browser

On iPhone, most users only surf the web with Safari. It’s standard, it’s fast, secure and power efficient, and Apple goes to great lengths to promote privacy protection features. However, iOS does not support third-party browsers (even if they have to use Apple’s WebKit page crawler engine), and some prefer Chrome. Millions of iPhone and iPad users prefer to use Chrome, whether because of Google’s integration with other services or easier to sync with Chrome for the desktop.

While it’s easy to use Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, there was no way to do it default browser. If you ever dropped a web link in another app like Mail or Messages, it would open in Safari. With iOS 1

4, Apple finally adds the ability for email apps and browsers to set themselves as standard, and Chrome is one of the first to offer this option.

At the time of writing, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have not yet been released, but are in public beta. If you have the beta (or are reading this after the official iOS 14 release), this is where you need to do to make Chrome your default browser.

Sets Chrome as the default browser

First, make sure you are running iOS 14 (beta or final release) and have updated Google Chrome. Then follow these steps:

  1. To open Settings app on iPhone or iPad.

  2. Scroll down and press Chrome.

  3. Press Default browser app.

  4. Select Chrome.

Chrome default browser how IDG

To return to using Safari as your default browser, uninstall Chrome or return to this settings menu and select Safari.

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