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iOS 14 sets “isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled” to “NO” despite opt-in not required until 2021: iOSProgramming

When I tested my app on iOS 14 GM, I was surprised to find that most of the ad networks I was integrated with said I had “DNT” enabled, despite the fact that the app was recently downloaded from the App Store. This includes Twitter MoPub, AdMob, etc.

This is because the ASIdentifierManagers method isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled returns NO by default. See documentation: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/adsupport/asidentifiermanager/1614148-isadvertisingtrackingenabled

Despite the fact that registration is not required before 2021, all existing SDKs for advertisers will think that users have opted out and are DNT until both the SDKs and their client apps are updated to solve this problem, which can take up to a month. MoPub states that they do not expect to fix this before September 28, which leaves over a week and a half of reduced income.

Nobody talks about this. Everyone thinks it’s as usual on iOS 14 for apps that depend on advertising. I encourage developers to check this out for themselves and validate it, and raise the hell with account administrators and ad networks to get this fixed.

TL; DR: If you have an app supported by ads, iOS 14 is likely to refuel your revenue, even if it’s not required to participate.

Even before I get hivemind that says how ad-supported apps are bad and how DNT should be standard and how opt-in should always be required, I hear you. It’s not my decision how my company monitors their apps. I only warn others who have their lives and businesses that rely on advertising to continue working in iOS 14.

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