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iOS 14: Tutorials, tips, tricks and everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone OS

Apple’s latest iPhone operating system is here! In the beta since WWDC in June, iOS 14 is available for every iPhone that can run iOS 13.

When you update your iPhone to iOS 14, there will be many new things to learn. This is a major update packed with new features. We have written guides, tips and guidance articles that describe the most important things, and to make your life easier, we have gathered them all here. Use this article as a roadmap to learn all the new features and changes.

OSS for iOS 14

For a quick summary of all the new features in iOS 1

4, along with a list of compatible iPhones and how to update your phone, check out the FAQ for iOS 14.

The app library

The two most noticeable changes in iOS 14 are the new app library and widgets for the home screen. These two changes are the first major updates to the iPhone home screen in a long time. Learn how the app library works to make organizing your iPhone easier.


Without a doubt, the new widget system is even more important than the App library. The iPhone gets brand new widgets that can go on the home screen and can access more data from apps than ever before. Learn how to add or remove widgets and configure Smart Stack.

Make the home screen ‘aesthetic’

The latest mature uses shortcuts with custom icons and customizable widgets to customize the look of the iPhone Home screen with iOS 14. If you do not know where to start, we’ll tell you how to make the iPhone Home screen aesthetic in iOS 14.

New messaging features

The blue bubble gets stronger in iOS 14! There are improvements such as fixed calls and built-in answers, along with reviews and adaptations for groups. Learn all about messaging in iOS 14.


Apple added picture-in-picture to iPad many years ago, and it’s finally coming to iPhone. Learn all about how PIP works on iPhone with iOS 14.

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