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iOS 14 will be released tomorrow

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Apple had a big iPhone surprise at its Apple event on Tuesday.

No, not the new iPhone 12. We still have to wait a little longer for it. But Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped out, which will be available to the public on Wednesday, September 16.

iOS 14, which Tim Cook calls a “great release that will transform the core experience of the iPhone”, comes that actually changes how you use the iPhone quite a bit.

iPhone users will be able to place widgets on the home screen, along with their favorite apps. Apple’s new app library automatically organizes apps into categories such as social, productivity, entertainment, etc.

During the Apple event, Cook also mentioned App Clips, a new feature that allows users to quickly access parts of an app without having to open or even download the entire application.

iOS 14 is also not the only Apple operating system update coming out tomorrow. Cook also announced that iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will also be available for download.

iPadOS 14 will provide some Apple Pencil updates along with other general improvements on the iPad. Apple Watch will get a new Sleep app, hand washing dishes and new dials and training features with watchOS 7. And for the Apple TV user, tvOS 14 will roll out AirPod audio sharing, Apple Music lyrics, camera feed integration with HomeKit, and more.

It was previously unclear whether the new iOS would be delayed along with the iPhone 12 launch. Now we know you can download iOS 14 and Apple’s other OS updates tomorrow.

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