Dan Moren writes in six colors last week:

Over the last few days, I've seen many people on Twitter (including many people I'd describe as quite technically knowledgeable) with a tweet explaining how to move the cursor on the iOS keyboard.


This points to a bigger and more basic issue that addresses iOS when the platform becomes more mature: how do you add functionality and It's easy to detect?

Some of the challenges here are simply because of iOS's constraints: Where on the smaller screen can you add more features that are easy to detect? But another challenge is how the operating system is architectured. The Mac almost always treated the menu bar as a "safe" zone that you could always retreat if you needed to find a command. There is no real analog to that on iOS, except perhaps from the status bar, which is not, apart from the mentioned "jump to the top" feature, an interactive element.

I think this is a big part of the challenge Apple handles as it continues to evolve and push iOS forward. IOS has made simple as many things that were difficult or require a lot of technical knowledge, but as we ask more from our devices and as developers deliver it, we lose some of the first pared-down elegance that Apple sought.

Sometimes I wonder if we will eventually end up with a tooltip-wide approach again, iPhoto for iOS style.

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