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ios – CocoaLumberjack.h file not found?

Actually my project is compiling for an iPhone 6s, but not for any iOS simulators. When I want to build for a simulator I get two build time errors.

'CocoaLumberjack/CocoaLumberjack.h' file not found


failed to emit precompiled header 
for bridging header 

What have I tried yet?

  • pod deintegrate, remove Build, delete “DerivedData”
    ;, pod install and pod update
  • open Project.xcworkspace instead of Project.xcodeproj
  • hold the target iOS version in podfile and distribution goals are the same (iOS 12)
  • check “Framework Search Paths” on target build settings 1
  • check “Header search paths” 2

I’m not 100% sure if the trails are right. And I wonder if Xcode can not find Cocoalumberjack.h, because I find it below /Pods/CocoaLumberjack/Sources/CocoaLumberjack/Supporting Files/CocoaLumberjack.h.

Are these trails probably wrong?
What else could be the problem?

I am happy for any serious answers!

(1) Framework Search Paths
Framework Search Paths

(2) Header search paths
Header search paths

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