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iOS Control Center Hidden Buttons – MacMost

One of the most useful parts of iOS is the control center. But many people do not use it very much. You should really get used to using it. It's a great way to access many of the features on iPhone and iPad.

An iPhone X here you just drag down from the top right corner of the screen to retrieve Control Center. Now there are some standard things like the ability to control your music, go into flight mode, turn on Do not disturb, adjust the volume and the screen brightness. But in addition to these buttons, the bottom can be customized. So you should familiarize yourself with the ones you have there. For example, the ability to turn on the flashlight, change the font size, you know, go to the Camera app or the Calculator app, start a Stopwatch. All that is there.

But you should not ignore those you may not have added. If you go to Settings and under Settings, look for Control Center and you'll see Customize controls. Here you see, at the top, those that are already included. So I can see them and I can actually see what they are called in addition to their icons. So, for example, I can see that the red is called Screen Recording, and it's for screen capture.

But there's a whole bunch more at the bottom. This will depend on what model you are looking at. You know iPhone or iPad and what model of iPhone. So there are a whole lot of stuff in here. For example, you can turn on Do not disturb while driving with this. You can go to the Home app. You can turn on low power mode, turn it on and off very easily. Magnifying glass. You can jump to Notes. You can scan QR code. You can go to Stopwatch or Voice Memos. Access the Wallet space here in Control Center as long as you enable these.

Then just tap one to add it. So if I wanted to press Alarm there you can see now it's added here. I can also drag the little wooden handle to the right to move them around and put the order for them. Now that I have added Alarm here, I can go home again and I can see that Alarm is added to it. So that's very convenient.

Here on my older iPad Pro I see that there are some different ones available there. So go through these as well. Whatever device you have, I encourage you to actually go through each of these, add them, add them all and just try them out and remove those you do not think you want to use because it can really be useful and a lot better Experience using your iOS device if you have the right buttons in Control Center and you know what they are and you start using them.

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