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IOS Dev Weekly – Issue 413 – July 19, 2019


App Store Screenshots with imperfect status fields have always annoyed me. How people can upload photos designed to showcase their app, showing two bars of signal and 4% remaining battery is beyond me. 😀

I felt so strongly about this that in 2012 I made an app to help people solve the problem. It achieved a perfect status line over the top of your screens, which worked well for iOS 7 made the standard status bar transparent. Vis Fortunately, Greg Spiers (who worked for me at that time) found UIStatusBarServer and we chopped it to create the same effect (full battery, time set to "9:41", etc.) for the simulator. No imaging or false rendering needed! It is a much, much better way to achieve the same result. I removed Status Magic from sales and SimulatorStatusMagic was born. This project has been super successful over the years and I feel that between the original app and this library I have been involved in creating many perfect screenshots in the App Store. I really like it … 1


So last night I learned that Apple had sent simctl status_bar in beta 4 of Xcode 11! This new tool gives full control over the status bar of the simulator, just as SimulatorStatusMagic does. 19

But as I mentioned last week, there is a good thing when an open source project is sherlocked by Apple. SimulatorStatusMagic will go away and everyone can still have perfect status fields. Either on real devices with QuickTime or using simctl for the simulator.

I end my comment on this with something that made me laugh. When I learned about the new simctl feature, I immediately started the beta, ran the simulator and looked at the status bar. Sure enough, it was perfect! "They did it by default!" I thought to myself "It's amazing." But no, they hadn't done that by default. My simulator only operated with the SimulatorStatusMagic applied transfers. 19

So now I want to launch a campaign to get this turned on by default so we can finally get rid of all the ugly screens in the App Store once and for all.

Dave Verwer

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Better Storyboards with Xcode 11

I've been waiting for someone to write up @IBSegueAction since WWDC, and while receiving a brief review last week It had to wait for this week for Keith Harrison to give it the attention it deserves.


Continuous Integration

Soroush Khanlou why CI is about much more than just running your tests on a Mac mini in your closet. 19



Straighthot Data Snapshots

If your app deals with many ever-changing data and let's face most apps, this technique from Krzysztof Zabłocki will be super helpful for you. I really like the approach because it didn't need major architectural changes and it solves a real problem.



How far can SwiftUI (and Combine) go before you need to resort to UIViewRepresentable? Thomas Ricouard has made great efforts to write this open source app using only SwiftUI. He also writes about his progress while walking, so here are 1, 2, 3 and 4 articles on her journey so far.


Using UIViewRepresentable to Pack UIKit Controller

In a perfect win from The Last Article, here comes Evan Deaubl to explain exactly what to do when you come to SwiftUI's edges and need a UIView or two.


So you signed in with Apple, now What?

Here's Curtis Herbert with her experience of transitioning slopes from a basic login system where the username / password is stored in the keychain, to take advantage of Sign in with Apple. It ended up triggering some changes in the app and made a good story along the way.



How Uber Developed its Small App for the World

This is a great article by Katharine Schwab about how the Uber app came to use a completely different user interface in some regions. There are some fascinating design decisions here. Also, while thinking about where your apps can be used … this. 😂

I want to save you some heartache and stress, but do not try to read this site in anything other than the browser mode of your browser.


Business and Marketing

Distribute Custom B2B iOS Apps privately

Something needed to roll, and with such a broken layout that I hardly connect it to. developing an app for your own use by a single company, is not your company? The way I have seen this done before is for the company you are developing to go and get a business certificate, which you will then develop. Appears out there in a different way, using the App Store, privately … Daniel Almeida explains.


Up to speed

Maps, FlatMap and CompactMap

Don't get lost again with John Sundell's guide to all of the maps … ☺️

Have I just connected this so that I could do that pun? How dare you! 19



Videos from Hacking with Swift Live

It's been only ten days since Hacking with Swift Live happened, and we already have all the wonderful videos from it. 19

It's also amazing that this event claimed $ 30,000 for charity. Incredible work from everyone involved.


Videos from ADDC 2019

There are really so many good conferences these days, it's hard to keep up. Next up this week is the ADD conference and all of its wonderful talks from June this year.


Senior iOS Engineer @ CityMapper – Located in the heart of London, our small team of iOS developers helps make cities usable.
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iOS Developer @ TransferWise – As an iOS engineer at TransferWise, you get the opportunity to build a product that changes the lives of millions of people worldwide and saves them $ 1 billion in transaction fee every year. You will work in high autonomous teams in close collaboration with designers, product managers and other engineers, as we change the way money moves in an ever-boundless world! – London, United Kingdom

There are several good jobs on iOS Dev Jobs of course. Or, are you looking for the perfect applicant for your open position?

And finally …

How to stop people installing beta iOS versions

This is perfect! 💡


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