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iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 414 – July 26, 2019


When UIKit was introduced for the first time, one of the things I loved with it was how much easier it was to adapt the look and feel of the views than it was with AppKit, where I developed at that time. Of course, the AppKit has improved dramatically over the years, but from day one it made it so easy to create custom components on iOS. I'm also quite sure that this simple adaptation was one of the most important contributing factors to iOS becoming such a great playground for software design in the early years.

It feels like with SwiftUI, things have moved even further in that direction. It is so trivial to create a custom, reusable user interface now that it feels as if iOS can be ready to become a design playground all over again.

But if that happens, is it good then? Over the past few years, it has definitely been a trend to adhere to the "standard" iOS UI as much as possible. I'm a fan of it, I think it does much more usable apps, and we all strive to make these. But I also miss coming across apps that have brand new user interfaces. Remember, for example, that pull to update was not invented by Apple, but by Loren Brichter.

I do not know where it will lead us, but having such expressive tools for creating UI is very excited about the future of iOS app design in a time when it feels like it has stagnated.

Dave Verwer


Adding SwiftUI Projects to the Swift Source Compatibility Suite

I first connected this more than two years ago, but Doug Gregor gave a repeat call to open source maintainers for to consider adding their projects to the Swift Source Compatibility Suite this week, especially if they are SwiftUI-based. Do you maintain one? Get it on that list.


Pitching a Swift Standard Library Preview Package

This is really interesting. There is a pitch on the Swift Forums by Ben Cohen and Max Moiseev to simplify the contribution to the default library and let features evolve faster. If this goes through, this also breaks Swift even further away from being tied to the annual iOS / macOS release cycles, which can only be a good thing.


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iOS Chat SDK for Stream Chat

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Unused images and resources clean up Xcode

You have almost certainly been in this situation, especially if you work with other people. You add a new asset to a project and do not remove the old version immediately. Before you know it, your app is a disaster of unused resources and no one knows what can be safely removed. Let Antoine van der Lee guide you through a few tools to help you get it back under control.



First step with NFC on iOS 1

Core NFC gets a big upgrade on iOS 13. 💳 It can read several types of codes and it can write tags too! Bartłomiej Woronin has a really comprehensive guide to everything that is new, as well as sample code if you want it to be demonstrated.


Swift 5.1 Collection Diffing

Federico Zanetello with a super-deep look at CollectionDifference. I will never have to solve this problem myself, so I am extremely happy to see the Swift standard library handle this type of thing.



Although there are ways to approach one With standard SwiftUI controls, the lack of an explicit grid is a rather shining omission from SwiftUI. Then again we managed to get to iOS 6 without UICollectionView ! Maybe we don't have to wait that long with SwiftUI, as Karol Kulesza has put together this library.



SwiftUI and Blending Modes

This is such a great point from Meng To. Blending mode in Photoshop (and other tools) has been around forever, but implementing designs that used them can be extremely difficult and usually not worth it. Now the first-class citizens of SwiftUI, off you go!


Baking Digital Inclusion in your mobile apps

This is a wonderful piece of Rob Whitaker's accessibility and inclusive design. As someone who still has an arm in a plaster casting, and still goes through treatment for a vision problem, availability is much in my mind right now, but it shouldn't take personal experience like that to care about it.

He also recently wrote about the European Accessibility Act, which is a new piece of EU law that comes in later this year, which we all need to get to know.


Business and Marketing [19659008] How Viral looks like

The long road to success overnight …



Talks & Coffee [19659009] Juanpe Catalán and Sofia Swidarowicz with a very cool iOS app that gathers a huge amount of video content from a variety of conferences. Search for a conference, by lecturer, or just browse through a list of conversations. Looks Good 👍



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And finally …

Well played, App Store Search, well played



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