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iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 477 – October 9, 2020


Is everyone ready for the phone to feel slow and outdated? 😬

Dave Verwer

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Deadline extended for app updates using UIWebView

This is good news if you are struggling to meet the December deadline to migrate away from UIWebView. Before you completely leave your migration plans, I’m pretty sure this will still happen, so it̵

7;s a good idea to keep working on it.

I knew this would be difficult. I even called it back in January:

I will not be surprised at all if we see an extension of this deadline (official or otherwise) as we approach the end of the year.


App Store Connect 1.5

Have you ever wished you could become a TestFlight administrator from the App Store Connect app? If so, Apple has some great news for you! 👏



Announces Swift Algorithms

Another week, another open source Swift library from Apple! This time it’s Nate Cook’s turn to announce a library focusing on common algorithms. Can we finally stop with the ridiculous algorithm-based interview questions now? 🤞


What’s new in KeyboardKit for iOS 14?

Adding hardware keyboard administration to your app can work easily. Everything is automatic, right? If only it were that easy! KeyboardKit has been around for a while, but Douglas Hill gives us an update on what’s new now that it supports iOS 14.


HTTP in Swift

Do you want to write your own network framework? Probably not, but would you like to read about someone else writing one? What if the person was Dave DeLong? I thought so! Dave has spent all summer writing this 18 (!) HTTP Part Guide. Have a nice cup of tea and be comfortable.


Benchmarking your app with MetricKit

MetricKit is not new, but it’s still not something I’ve seen a lot of people talk about since its introduction in 2019. Here’s Andy Ibanez with information on how to use it to get the performance of your app, and how to report it back to your server.


The ultimate guide to the life cycle of the SwiftUI 2 application

The writing is on the wall for the application delegate with the introduction of App protocol. That’s great, but how do you do all the things that the delegate used to be responsible for? Fortunately, Peter Friese has written this great guide to make the transition a little easier.


Business and marketing

Cash Cow Revisited

It has been a while since Agenda was launched, with an interesting business model. Here we are, almost three years later. Did it work? Let Drew McCormack fill you out.



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And finally …

Does the Apple bug bounty work as intended? Yes!

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