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iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 478 – October 16, 2020


I really enjoyed reading Riley Testut’s article “Thoughts on the App Store” this week. He talks about the legal challenges Apple faces and how page loading can be in the future of the platform.

His piece talks about the growing pressure on Apple to deal with this situation and how he sees two possible options: Gatekeeper on iOS or extended page loading features through developer accounts.

The first thing I want to say is that although I disagree with the conclusion of the article, I have no problem with AltStore at all! The problems I have with page loading are only significant when they start leaking into the mainstream, and I do not think that is the plan for AltStore. I still believe that more stores or easier side loading potentially leads to a loss of trust in the iOS platform that is difficult to get back.

I do not think we will see some movement on this issue from Apple unless they are forced to make changes. I also hope they are not forced to make changes! I still firmly believe that even though what we have right now is far from perfect, it is better than the alternatives.

Dave Verwer

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Offer your apps for pre-order even earlier

Six months is easily enough time to build and test a simple app, then technically you can start accepting pre-orders before you start the development in earnest.

Note: Please do not do this! I̵

7;m just kidding! 😂



How to test push alerts

Implementing push notifications has become significantly more complicated since Apple first introduced them. Khoa Pham goes over the new HTTP / 2 API, authentication, how to receive alerts, and how to test everything. He also talks about his app built for just that purpose, Push Hero.

For full disclosure, while I was subscribing to Khoa’s blog and found this post via his RSS feed, he also contacted me with a promotional code for the Push Hero app after he published this post.



How iOS apps adapt to the different iPhone 12 screen sizes

It should have been a while since you wrote a code for one specific the device’s screen, which is good because Apple talked about a whole new set of screen sizes on iPhone 12 models last Tuesday. Here’s Geoff Hackworth with his usual look at everything related to iOS device resolutions.


Mastering transitions in SwiftUI

This is another fantastic post on SwiftUI from Pavel Zak, this time covering all kinds of transition animations. You can do well to implement Keynote in SwiftUI after reading this. 🚀


Manage load modes in SwiftUI views

When you read the title of this post from John Sundell, you might think it’s a short post on how to use it UIActivityIndicatorView. You would be wrong! It’s a comprehensive article on everything related to asynchronous data loading in a user interface, and how to create one system for your entire app instead of re-implementing it for each display controller.


Build available iOS apps

Accessibility is ease of use.

Rob Whitaker is not the first person to say this, but that does not make it any less true! Here he is with a list of the most common accessibility issues apps face and how to solve them. 👍



Tap to navigate

At first glance, you may be tempted to skip this Linzi Berry article if you are not working directly with maps in your user interfaces. Do not do it! There is a lot here that applies to all aspects of app design. It is worth reading from start to finish. 🚀


Business and marketing

The most important feature is that it does not change

I’m not sure I completely agree with the premise that Nikita Prokopov puts forward here, but I think there’s something about it. There is definitely something to be said for moving a little slower, and carefully considering features before you run in and implement.



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And finally …

But does it support 5G? 😅

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