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IOS Gets The Statue of Liberty AR App With Tim Cook Promote It

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic structures on the planet, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has encouraged his Twitter followers to include a new expanded reality app that helps users get a new perspective on it.

To celebrate the launch of the Statue of Liberty, the new Statue of Liberty app lets users look into the structure as well as the view from the eyes. There is also a time shift of how the statue has colored itself over time.

The real aspect of the app that will get attention is the ability to put one of several 3D models of the Statue of Liberty into the home of the users.

It is a complete model of the statue, as well as a close-up of various important parts of it.

The feature uses the iPhone and iPad's AR capabilities to make this possible, and all this happened after Diane von Fürstenberg put the Cook and Freedom Foundation in contact with each other, according to a Vogue piece on the new app.

"I met Tim Cook from Apple and first of all discovered that he had never been to Liberty Island, so I arranged for him to go," revealed DvF. "Not even knowing what I was talking about, I said," Wouldn't it be wonderful to give people an Apple experience when they go on the island? "I met the people who make apps and we started, not knowing where it would all end. The foundation created this app that will reach hundreds of millions of people. It will be the biggest opening of a museum ever!"

Apple has long made a big deal about the AR properties of its products and is still said to have its own AR glasses in the works. Until then, the best way to check out the Statue of Liberty is to download the free app from the App Store.

(Download: The Statue of Liberty for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

(Via: Vogue)

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