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ios – ios13 height alert content

Our code worked with earlier versions, but on iOS1

3 the custom height of the notification content does not work properly. Everything is visible as it should be, but the buttons are not clickable after part of the view. So, for example, after 320 pixels, custom views cannot be clicked. Running the same code on iOS12 works.

func didReceive(_ notification: UNNotification) {

   let content = notification.request.content
   self.preferredContentSize = CGSize(width: self.view.frame.size.width, height: contentH)

Any solution? Or is it an iOS13 error?

## Update:

We are developing our app on iOS14 beta, and the problem is still here. Only one thing is new related to this. When we tap the screen, we get it.

Notice Contents[44466:2340668] [Assert]

UIScrollViewDelayedTouchesBeganGestureRecognizer was moved to a non-scrolling view, so we can not determine if the touch is on a scroll indicator.

We add all the lessons to the view control view (no custom containers).

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