It has become something of a tradition for Apple to include new emoji in one of the early point releases of a larger iOS and iPadOS release. Like last year, the new emoji comes in the second major update to iOS and iPadOS. This year, the new emoji looks like they want to make it the first released version of macOS Big Sur because they are also included in beta 9 of macOS.

In July, Apple shared some of the designs for its emoji based on the Unicode Consortium’s specifications for Unicode 13.0. Today, as described by Emojipedia, iOS and iPadOS 14.2, beta 2 was released and includes Apple’s complete set of upcoming emoji. There are 66 in total, without counting every possible variant.

Designs that were not revealed by Apple earlier this summer include:

  • Smiling face with tears
  • Hidden face
  • Gender variations for people wearing tuxedos and veils

The release also includes four realistic bugs and an abstract depiction of a hug that I expect to be a highlight of this year̵

7;s Jeremys.

Earlier this month, the Unicode Consortium approved Unicode 13.1, another set of emoji specs that is expected to be adopted by Apple sometime in 2021.

For the full details of emoji unveiled today, do not miss Jeremy Burges’ post on