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(iOS / web) Have an app and look for help: iOSProgramming

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project that I want to get help with, but I'm not sure how to do it. I have never contributed, even less clearly a project, even though I use the basic guitar features when working alone. I also have a license already selected and it is currently in a private GitHub repo. If anyone is interested in helping you, please contact us!

Long story short, It's an app to help promote green behavior that I think could have some impact, but small (whether it's a real environmental impact or at least a social impact), and that's just my own attempt to make a difference after seeing what is happening in the world. No war can be won by the side that no one is fighting for it, and I feel that it is (diminishing, fortunately) the state these days when it comes to our planet.

Here is the path for the app I wrote, please take a look before you read! If you have questions that were not answered, please DM me.

I currently have a functional project (screens in the link) and it is connected to Firebase. Technically, it does what it needs to do now, so I realized it's a good time to pause and start asking for help. I find myself spending a lot of time on things like user interfaces (some designers out there interested?), And I really could use some help to speed up the process.

My current plane is about this:

  • Ask organizations for input, what they want to see, how it can benefit them, and if they want to join the list of organizations

  • Solve a TestFlight version so people can start using it and build on it

  • Make a landing page

  • Finally, release it after it has been fun and interesting to use

  • Ask Apple for help with to advertise it (and other companies)

  • Create an accompanying website so people can at least see the database, even if they don't have the iOS app and don't have an account. The point of this app is that this information is available to everyone.

If anyone is interested in helping in any way, please let me know! I could definitely use user interface help or just basic code that takes a lot of time. Also I appreciate any feedback on the app and what it should do, features it should have, and so on.

If you've come so far, thank you so much for reading 🙏🏻

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