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iPad (2020): Release date, price, rumors and everything we know so far

There are not many rumors out there about a potential iPad (2020). Most rumors focus on the upcoming iPad Air 4, rather than a new entry-level model. But there are some guesses we might be able to make about what we see when Apple’s next cheap iPad launches, which could happen as soon as next week.

The short list

  • Release date: September 18 (speculated)
  • Price: $ 329 (speculated)
  • New features: A12 Bionic processor, slightly larger screen (speculated)
  • Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold (speculated)

A new brain

An entry-level processor bump for the iPad seems likely, given that Apple skipped doing so last year. Currently, the iPad is powered by the solid but aging A1

0 system on a chip. That silicon is now four years old, and it’s time for a shock.

I think Apple will go with the A12 here. Currently operating the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5, the A12 Bionic is still a reliable chip, and only two years old. The iPad (2020) is not going to be your powerhouse for multitasking, productivity, so it does not need the latest and greatest. That’s basically $ 329.

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The A12 should be a solid processor if you’re going to keep the iPad for a few years, and will be the perfect power boost for the iPad while still letting Apple keep it at $ 329.

A (slightly) larger screen

A slightly larger screen is on my list for something like that could happen with iPad (2020). While there was only an increase from 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches last year, I think it is possible that Apple may encounter it again.

The iPad Air is reportedly getting a major redesign, including a new screen size of 10.8 inches (up 0.3 inches from today’s iPad Air). But what is the current iPad Air? It’s a 10.5-inch iPad (only 0.3 inches larger than today’s standard iPad) with a more traditional chin-and-forehead design, a Touch ID Home button, all running on an A12 system-on- a piece.

And what is probably the new iPad, assuming the physical dimensions remain unchanged? A 10.2-inch iPad with a more traditional chin-and-forehead design, a Touch ID Home button, all running on an A12 system-on-a-chip.

What I see as a likely scenario is that Apple will stop producing the 10.2-inch iPad and continue to produce the 10.5-inch iPad Air, just under a different name and at a lower price. If I’m right, this might also see a laminated screen come to the $ 329 iPad for the first time.

To keep expectations in check

The beginner iPad is never a technological powerhouse. It’s just a less expensive iPad; yesterday’s technology at a lower price. But even though it may be slower, or lack some of the features of the more advanced iPads, such as USB-C or Face ID, the entry-level iPad will still be a very capable tablet for most people.

If you own iPad 2018 or even 2019, iPad 2020 will be worth looking after you. If it adopts the A12 as rumored, there will be two entire processor generations ahead of the current iPads, and on par with the iPad Air 3.


Although the iPad 2020 is actually a repackaged iPad Air 3, I do not see Apple pushing the starting price higher than it already is. I expect the iPad to start at $ 329 again.

What I would love is that Apple actually drops the price of the iPad. Connected devices are proving to be more important than ever these days, as are devices provided by one institution but not shared with anyone else. When children return to school, this second point has become especially important. By offering the iPad at an even lower price, Apple was able to make a real advance in the education market against, for example, Chromebooks.

Release date

I expect to see the iPad 2020 at Apple’s event on September 15th. The current iPad debuted at this time of year in 2019, and I see no reason why Apple should not follow suit with its successor this year. It could very well start with the iPad Air 4 during the event.

I expect that the iPad 2020 will either be sold immediately after the event or next Friday 18. September.

Apple Event Time!

The next Apple event is almost here. New iPads are expected, along with Apple Watches, and Apple may just have a basket ball or two for us to get the launch season for the fall device underway.

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