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IPad, HomePod, and Apple TV need multi-user support. Here is why

In Apple's ideal world, we all wanted our collections of our own personal devices – preferably the Apple brand. We would never leave the house without our iPhone or our Apple Watch (or probably both); We sat on the couch, surfing the web on our own iPads while binging the latest hot new show on our personal Apple TV. And for anything that may require it, we will retreat to our personal MacBooks or iMacs.

For some of us, this dream can be a reality. For others it sounds like a nightmare. After all, many of us live in households with more than one person. How many Apple TV or iPads do we need, really? Yes, an iPhone or an Apple Watch is definitely a personal device, but why does it need to be the standard across the board?

It's time for Apple to accept that any of us shares our devices. I know! Horror! How could we let someone, even our closest and dear, have their dirty paws over our beautiful plates of steel and glass? Well, sometimes it's about convenience, sometimes it's a principle, and sometimes it's just about saving some money. But the sooner Apple accepts it, the sooner it can start making the devices more user-friendly to more users.

More of a "wePad"

Arguments are good if the iPad is not a "computer"

  ipad pro 2018 true depth Apple True True Camera and Face ID can be used for to distinguish between users on an iPad.

Certainly, it is feasible; You can transfer iPad to your other, if you want to watch something online, or maybe even see something on Netflix. But it becomes very clear that they are only guest in someone else's house. They can not get their iMessages or their email (and they can access you), they are not logged in to their social media accounts, and most criminals of all, their Netflix viewing habits will lose the algorithm's suggestion to du .

What iPad needs in this case is no less than separate accounts, linked to separate Apple IDs and iCloud accounts, giving access to each user's individual settings, apps, and media. Each user has a separate password to log in to their account or, even better, on the new iPad Pro, it only recognizes who you are via Face ID.

Believe it or not, it's actually the precedence of this system on the iPad. Apple offers a multifunctional iPad educational system that provides different accounts so that any student can pick up an iPad and make it their iPad. It would be great to see a similar system brought to all iPad users, and maybe even combined with the Family Sharing features that users already have. That way, you can cope not just which users can do it, but also enforce Screen Time limits so the kids do not end up fighting who's playing on the iPad.

Mi HomePod es su HomePod

Apple's smart speaker gives good sound, but in many of the other features it falls out of competitors. And it will not surprise you to hear, one of these limitations is that it does not recognize more users. Although I'm sure there are many people living alone and are very happy that their HomePod will work for them and them alone, many of us will want more support.

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