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iPhone 12 launch event was reportedly set for October 13 – BGR

  • The long-awaited iPhone 12 launch event can take place on October 13, according to a source from a Dutch operator.
  • Another leak also indicates that Apple will soon unveil the iPhone 12 series.
  • Reports reflect recent rumors that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series in mid-October, and two of the four phones are expected to hit stores a week later.

Apple’s main highlight of the year takes place in mid-September. That was when the latest iPhone was announced, with the handsets sold on the first Friday after the press conference. The new coronavirus pandemic forced Apple to do things differently this year.

The mid-September media event was about other Apple hardware and services, including the new Watch models, the updated iPads and new subscriptions. Apple is generally expected to announce a virtual iPhone press conference from mid-October, and a series of reports indicate that the event is coming soon. We even have a date: October 1

3, which is very much in line with a recent report from a well-known Apple leaker.

Jon Prosser said a few weeks ago that Apple is announcing the iPhone 12 in the week of October 12, making October 13 or 14 the most likely dates for the event. Apple usually holds iPhone events on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and pre-orders start on Friday.

A source who identified himself for Apple Insider as an employee of a Dutch operator said that Apple would hold the iPhone 12 event on October 13, with pre-orders starting October 16. The phones will be sent to consumers a week later if this leak is accurate on October 23.

This is still an unconfirmed rumor, and Apple has not announced anything yet. Apple should reveal the date soon enough, but it is not under any pressure to give the media a proper head-up. This will still be a press release that is only online, as the COVID-19 threat has not disappeared.

It is not only carriers in the Netherlands that are preparing for the iPhone launch. MacRumors got a glimpse of an internal presentation from British Telecom, which indicated that the launch of the iPhone 12 is near.

“We are just a few days away from Apple’s next big launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G,” said BT and EE CEO Marc Allera under the sole company. “Teams in all parts of Consumer have been preparing to win this launch all year and be Europe’s biggest partner for Apple.”

iPhone 12
Screenshot from a virtual internal British Telecom presentation attended by Apple’s Eddy Cue. Image source: MacRumors

As can be seen from the photo above, Apple’s service manager Eddy Cue came shortly during the presentation. Cue reportedly praised EE for being the first operator to package smartphone plans with Apple services.

The BT presentation did not provide any actual dates, or the source who leaked the screenshot above chose not to share them.

Regardless of when the iPhone 12 press event occurs, rumors say that not all four iPhone 12 models will be available in stores in October. Two of the four handsets will be delayed until mid-November, although the various rumors do not agree on which models come first. Some say that the affordable 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 models start first, followed by 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro versions. Other reports say that 6.1-inch phones will hit stores before the smallest and largest new iPhone models arrive.

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