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IPhone 12 release date coming this week? Not so fast…

We’re in the first week of September, and now we’re apparently ready for Apple announcements, related to the iPhone and more, as part of the company’s annual release cycle that happens like clockwork.

This morning, leak Jon Prosser said his sources tell him that an Apple announcement will come on the morning of Tuesday, September 8:

“Apple’s press release is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 8 at 9:00 AM EST – though, I should note that it is not locked until the press has been briefed, that day,” Prosser said early Sunday morning. “I will tweet early that morning to update you if that changes,” he added.

What can be announced via a press release from Apple on Tuesday? Rumors point to the Apple Watch Series 6 or perhaps an updated iPad Air.

But one of OG Apple leakers, Bloombergs Mark Gurman has questioned Prosser’s claim for a product release this week.

“I will not be so excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week. More likely, I think: an announcement about the upcoming (of course virtual) iPhone / Apple Watch event in September, “Gurman said on Sunday afternoon.

In a nutshell, Gurman says that the expected press release on Tuesday will be to announce Apple’s fall iPhone (virtual) event date, and not the products themselves.

Apple has already admitted that the iPhone series in 2020 would be delayed by a few weeks due to COVID-19.

Prosser has had his recent hits and misses rumors, especially around his WWDC predictions and recent photos sharing Apple’s wireless charging mat “AirPower”. He did get the recent release date for the iMac, though. Gurman is as solid as ever when it comes to sharing Apple leaks.

Still, let’s wait and see what happens on Tuesday morning.

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