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iPhone 12 will ship 80 million devices by 2020

A new DigiTimes report says that Apple can ship 80 million iPhone 12 devices in 2020 alone, provided there is no further escalation in the US-China trade war.

As reported by DigiTimes:

Apple’s new 5G smartphone series is expected to gain significant momentum, with shipments for iPhone 12 devices that have a chance to hit as many as 80 million devices by the end of 2020, although the US supplier wants to build a stock of 71-75 million units for this year. Foxconn is the largest collector for the iPhone 12 series. The Taiwanese ecosystem remains an important partner for Apple, as PCB manufacturers will supply 60% of the SLPs to the new iPhones.

The report reflects rumors in September from Bloomberg that Apple had ordered 75 million iPhone 1

2 devices.

DigiTimes notes that Apple may well entice users with older iPhones to upgrade with a less expensive pricing strategy that includes the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 mini.

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DigiTimes also reports that Foxconn has secured “the bulk of orders” for Apple’s iPhone 12 series, but that orders are not expected to peak until the first quarter of 2021.

DigiTimes notes that while Apple will ship at least 70 million units this year, reaching the higher target of 80 million will not require further escalation between the US and China in the current trade war.

Apple announced its iPhone 12 on Tuesday with a brand new 5G connection, an A14 processor and a brand new design.

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