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iPhone Basics: Intro to buttons and ports on iPhone X and later

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If you learn how to use the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, here is an overview of the various buttons and ports you want to see on your device. So if you want to know exactly what this button on the iPhone is or what the holes on the iPhone are, here's a general explanation. For anyone using an iPhone X or later, here's an introduction on how, and why, your iPhone looks like it does.

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Here's a picture from Apple's support page showing the various buttons and ports on an iPhone X and later.

From the top, I explain a little more detail of what each one does. 19659006] https://www.apple.com/iphone-xs/specs/ apple support pic "title =" "/>

1. Top Speaker & Mic

At the top is a built-in stereo speaker and microphone at the front. Along with the microphones and stereo speakers at the bottom, these help the iPhone deliver quality sound and allow you to be heard or recorded. The speakers allow you to hear when you play videos, receive calls, or have sounds for notifications, for example. people hear you when you talk during a conversation or if you record a video or message on the iPhone.

2. Call / Silent Switch

To the left is the Ring / Silent switch. If you press the switch down, you will see an orange flag telling you that the switch is depressed.When the switch is down, your iPhone caller will be turned off and the phone will not send out noise for calls or alerts Even with the switch pressed down to Silent, ka n your phone still vibrate if you have these settings enabled.

3. Volume buttons

Under the Ring / Silent switch, Volume buttons. The upper volume button makes the sound higher, while the lower volume button reduces the sound. Your volume buttons may have other features, such as being used to snap photos.

4. Side button

To the right is the side button. You can click the Page button to turn the device on or off. If you use Apple Pay or purchase from the App Store on the iPhone, you will usually double-click the Page button to confirm a purchase.

5. Lightning Connector

Finally, between the bottom built-in microphones and the stereo speaker, the Lightning connector port. You use this to connect your iPhone to something with a lightning plug such as lightning plug, USB to charger cables, and other compatible devices.

For the iPhone X and above, the device will not have a physical home button, but you can add one to the touch screen if you want. And if you're not sure which iPhone you have, check to see which one it is.

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