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iPhone color doesn't matter again

  iPhone 8 Interwebs in the middle of the year falls over itself and tries to figure out what Apple is planning to do with the next iPhone. iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro? OLED display vs. LCD. What New Color Will Apple Do?

Last year, with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Rose Gold was a big hit. Jet Black, too. I bought the latter because I prefer a black front as opposed to a white front. With cases to protect our phones is all the rage, most people can only see the iPhone front anyway. What about this year?

Goodbye, Color

Apple knows as well as anyone who style. Design is what iPhone is, but style matters and is expressed in case color. The 201

6 iPhone colors were Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

What about the 2017s iPhone models? We are not likely to know before the official announcement, but some of the rumors mongers seem to have turned gold; at least based on the designer Benjamin Geskins Kobbergullmockup.

 iPhone Copper Wool

Here's my opinion on the new iPhone 8 edge-to-edge microphone screen design. iPhone color is nothing more.

Some of my professional friends have Jet Black iPhone and no case for protection. They are purists. Their iPhones are all scratching on the back as well, making them likely to sell for a little less than their case-protected iPhone loved ones.

Here's my point. If the new iPhone comes in copper wool with a black, white, silver, rose gold or chartreuse counterpart, it doesn't matter. If most iPhone owners use cases and I think that's true, it's probably the same thing that happens with the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro, or what the next most expensive iPhone is called. The ultra-thin, edge-to-edge microphone design, combined with the case to protect the iPhone, means there's not much color to show.

Samsung is right. The Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus have an edge-to-edge display design but very few color choices. The iPhone color scheme in 2017 is a non-starter package. Move together. Nothing to see here.

Apart from …

Almost every rumor monger expects Apple to present three new iPhones this summer. The aforementioned iPhone 8 or iPhone Plus with edge-to-edge screen, an iPhone Plus and a regular iPhone. We don't know if Apple will keep the naming convention for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus or move to regular vanilla iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro, but one thing is clear. Edge-to-edge micro-bezel designs are here and there, and it negates much of the charm of buying an Rose Gold or Copper Gold or Obama Black iPhone or whatever suits your fancy.

For Apple customers who trade up to the premium model, the color won't be what it once did.

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