Jason Snell writes about a recent Apple rental for Macworld:

This week, we learned that the company has hired a new head of home products, prompting me to ask the question: What does Apple Sam Jadallah expect to do? Is his job making deals with HomeKit partners and making HomePod more successful? Or is it such a thing that happens when a company changes gear because it realized that the old strategy didn't work?

That story got Snell and thought about how Apple could expand its current range of home products. He suggests two: a sound bar that integrates HomePod and Apple TV functionality and a wireless networking network system.

Both give much meaning. The audio bar technology has already been developed, and it is a unique position in a home entertainment system where it can both enhance the viewing experience with superior sound and facilitate content delivery from Apple's services.

Why Apple left the wireless home network market is still a mystery. While it may not have been as profitable as other product lines, networks set a strategic intersection between all Apple products. Whether it is AirPlay, Handoff, Universal Clipboard, other Continuity features or something that does not yet come, the network controls what these experiences are delivering, helping them work seamlessly.

Sam Jadallah, who previously worked at Microsoft and later ran a smart lock startup called Otto who was shuttered, probably has the background to running Apple's existing HomeKit programs, but as Snell, I hope his employment is a sign that something bigger is on the horizon.