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Is iPhone about to go pro?

Image Source: MacRumors

Rumors of an iPhone Pro have occurred before, but have never actually occurred. It makes sense when you consider that Apple has a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, an iMac Pro and even an iPad Pro. However, they have stayed away from using the Pro label on a smartphone to this point.

Now MacRumors has a recent report to go with one from a source that has a bit of a track record. The track record comes from the anonymous Twitter account CoinX .

So why should one care what this person says about iPhone names? Whatever this is, they called the names of last year's lineup before anyone else. Apple's use of Max and R was unique, so the chances of this person guessing just right are low.

According to MacRumors, they received an anonymous tip Aug. 5 that said the bigger new iPhone will be called the iPhone Pro:

For what it's worth, MacRumors received the following anonymous tip Aug. 4: "The square camera iPhone will be called iPhone 11 Pro. This is the fact. “It will be a bear service for our readers to just give us any substantiated tips we receive, but it is now worth mentioning in light of this tweet.

So this report is probably recognized. The question I have is why now? Why use the Max name for a year and then throw it? I didn't think it was the biggest name ever, but it was at least a sign of the change in the size of the device. If this year's iPhone upgrades are just a 3rd camera lens and a better A-series processor, what does "Pro" really mean in the iPhone Pro?

I'm going to go back to the well again here. I have been advocating pencil compatibility for the iPhone for quite some time. I know many people disagree with me, but I know I would definitely use it, and I am definitely not alone. Can the Pro moniker point to the same feature that followed this name for the iPad?

It sounds reasonable on the surface, but there have been all sorts of leaks and rumors that cover the features of this year's iPhones, and I can't remember a single mention of pencil compatibility. I gave up hope after last year, so I haven't even raised it this summer.

While conforming to the iPhone and iPad naming convention makes sense to me, Apple has not always been consistent in how they have used the name of other devices lately. As much as I would love to be right, I have to believe that the odds are low that a likely name change means I will finally get the small screen pencil compatibility that I want. But here's hoping.

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