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iShowU Instant 1.4.0 – Full-featured screen capture and sweet sound.

iShowU Instant gives you real-time screenshots like you’ve never seen before! It’s the fastest, most feature-rich real-time screen capture tool from shinywhitebox yet. All the features you expect are here, and probably some you do not!

  • Record from any screen
  • Improve your microphone sound by using a dynamics processor, compressor and / or equalizer*
  • Record from iOS devices
  • Add text and / or an overlay
  • Enhance your recording with mouse and click visualization
  • Trim front / rear after recording
  • Make time-lapse recordings
  • Participate in a wide range of electronic services
  • And more!

* requires advanced features.

Version 1[ads1].4.0:
  • New: removable / resizable on screen camera! (requires advanced feature license)
  • New: The mouse cursor is now hidden when accessibility-based screen zoom is used.
  • License system upgraded (Paddle v4)
  • Added the ability to reverse the order of the app audio and microphone tracks.
  • Experimental: fix for multi-stream audio devices (microphone). Instant is now trying to use the first power (not the entire device).
  • Sound level meters use MAX volume, not average.
  • Recording now works on BigSur!
  • Fixed issue where Discrete PCM did not work in some cases.
  • Fixed a memory leak. The app should no longer consume memory when it is idle.
  • Fixed incorrect menus and / or missing screen when starting the app
  • Now shows the correct duration for a timer that will exceed 24 hours.
  • Better detection of the number of channels for a device.
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