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It looks like Apple is playing games with the iPad Air

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And that game will be called bait and prey. Or maybe it’s just a small tire that mixes a little by hand. Anyway, the iPad Air is still not here, and if you believe the Apple rumor mill, it sounds like it will not be here after today’s event.

The funny thing for me is the strange reasoning that is there, provided the rumor is true. According to Jon Prosser, although Apple was cool in announcing a device with an A1

4 processor in front of the new iPhones, they are not on board to release one into the wild.

I understand that the iPhone is Apple’s bread and butter, and as such is always in the lead. However, 2020 is an exception to virtually all rules and norms. The hardware delays across the board. The more concise streamed events focused on a small number of devices. More units will be pushed to next year. Everything has gone.

However, it seems that Apple is still determined to keep the iPhone release in the lead, or at least the iPhone releases that come fastest. If the current reports hold, Air will be released along with the 6.1 ″ iPhone 12s. Considering that there will be a full month between Air’s announcement and release, it seems that Apple just put it in the September event to increase that show and to have something to pair with the advanced iPad.

I really hoped that Apple would continue to launch pre-orders for Air right after the event, as they did with the Apple Watch and iPad. Those of us who are happy to get it have not waited for a while. However, it looks like that is not going to happen. Combine this with pretty much all the upcoming news that leaks in advance, AirPods Studio will be pushed back to the next event, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will not arrive until the end of November and tomorrow looks quite anticlimactic.

Maybe Tim Cook will still have a trick or two up his sleeve and give us some sort of surprise tomorrow during the Apple event. However, it seems that it is getting harder and harder for him and his staff to pull these days.

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