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It looks like the iPhone Pro will not be the only Apple device running late this year

There have been rumors that all iPhones from 2020 will be released late and about Apple’s iPhone 12 professionals running later than the rest of the series for several months now. The former has already proven to be true, as we are waiting for an iPhone event in October.

Rumors about it have been around long enough and have been repeated by well-known sources that most Apple fans have accepted the news as a fact for a while. These reports have been reinforced over and over again, and it now looks like at least two of the upcoming iPhone 1

2 models will arrive in late November. We should receive confirmation of this during Tuesday’s Apple iPhone event.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are not the only new Apple devices that have been delayed. First and foremost, it’s the iPad Air. While it was announced during Apple’s Watch and iPad event last month, the release date was set for October.

I was expecting a release in early October so that it would not conflict with Apple’s iPhone event. Jon Prosser even had a cryptic tweet that made it sound like Air came two weeks ago. It made sense to me at the time that Apple would want to clear the tires before the iPhone announcement, but no dice.

Earlier today, Prosser moved the earlier prediction:

It tells me that it was still not ready to send yet.

Mark Gurman also mentioned that iPad Airs will be delivered to Apple Stores before launch, and that Apple is taking a new approach to device shipping.

That sounds pretty smart to me, since this has been an effective strategy for Amazon and others. It also sounds like Apple is likely to make pre-orders for the new Air sometime next week, possibly as early as the end of Tuesday’s event. We’ll see.

Jon Prosser also had some bad news for Apple fans yesterday. First, he predicted that Apple will not announce AirPods Studio during the iPhone event on Tuesday.

Obviously, production units will not be ready until the end of the month, so they will probably be announced during the Apple Silicon Mac event in November. Also about that price. Damn. I was expecting $ 350, but $ 599? It is a very high bar.

There were other news that Jon Prosser seemed quite disappointed with. He predicted that Apple’s new AirTags, which have been the subject of rumors for over a year now, have been delayed again. Now they have been pushed back to 2021.

Apple is definitely having a tough time in 2020. I do not think that is so surprising either. Their supply chain was pretty much closed for several weeks and slowed down for a couple of months after that in early 2020. Then COVID-19 came to the rest of the world and shut down work and slowed down the economy here in the US.

Apple was hit twice by this pandemic, and it’s really popping up now. Between features like 120 MHz iPhone Pro screens that probably did not cut, fairly everyday OS updates and device releases pushed as far as the spring of next year, there is ample evidence that even one of the largest companies in the world can not escape a pandemic without taking any hard shots and having to call.

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