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It’s cheaper to use an Apple Watch with Verizon now

If you were thinking of adding a new Apple Watch (or any other LTE-ready smartwatch with a dedicated phone number) to your Verizon account, you would probably like to hear that the carrier only reduces the monthly cost of doing so with half. It normally costs $ 20 to add a watch if you do not already have a phone in your account, but it now costs $ 10 per month per watch for all standalone plans. The prices for subscribers who have both a telephone and a watch on their accounts are unchanged.

This is welcome news considering that Apple debuted with two new Apple Watch models today: the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, both of which have an LTE alternative. The most affordable Series 6 with LTE costs $ 499 ($ ​​399 without LTE), but the real deal is the Apple Watch SE with LTE, which costs $ 329 (only $ 50 more than the price without LTE). Both models are available for pre-order now and will be available this Friday.

If you want to buy Apple Watches for the whole family, this news will be even better. Apple introduced the Family Setup feature that allows you to configure and manage multiple Apple Watches with just one a single iPhone. Before, you needed an iPhone paired for every smartwatch.

The caveat here is that each of these Apple watches connected via iPhone via Family Setup must be an LTE model, not the cheaper GPS model. (It supports as far back as the Apple Watch Series 4.) But if you are someone who wants to upload Apple Watches for your family, it will be a little cheaper to pay for them every month at Verizon.

Updated 10:12 ET, September 17th: We reached out to Verizon for clarification on the price cuts after several readers claimed that they already received these prices. A spokesperson specified that the stand-alone clock plans (without the need for a telephone) have been reduced from $ 20 to $ 10. As readers have noted in the comments, prices have been $ 10 per month for smartwatches (and sometimes cheaper), although only It has been possible to get that price if you also have a phone on your schedule.

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