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It's time to buy a Vitamix because selected models are 30% off today

Today, Amazon offers only 30% of a few different Vitamix mixers. Now, while a discount on a Vitamix is ​​not unknown, the prices we look at this sale are about as good as possible. You can score a blender for under $ 200 as is a rare occurrence. There are two brand new models and a certified, refurbished model upstairs.

Vitamix blender is powerful. There is nobody to get around. They are top of the line for a reason. You can make everything from frozen confection and ice-cream smoothies to steaming hot soups and sauces using only one of these machines.

The cheapest model is the Vitamix E31

0 Explorian Professional-Grade 64-ounce Blender for $ 188.95. Note that this model is certified refurbished, but it works perfectly and comes with a 3 year warranty as well. This is also the model I would recommend. It's the lowest price in its history, and it's not so expensive it will ruin the rest of Black Friday Shopping.

The most luxurious model featured in the sale is Vitamix 7500, which is more powerful, but almost $ 150 more. Most people will benefit from Vitamix E310, which has a pulse function, a variable speed dial and a self-cleaning function.

You may want to get Vitamix Cookbook that will help you get creative with your new culinary countertop. Say it five times fast.

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