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Jamf announces zero-day support for iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14

The sudden release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 came as a shock to many people in the Apple IT community, but Jamf announced earlier today that they were ready to support the new software. Jamf will also be ready for macOS Big Sur to be released later this fall.

This year, Apple has released a number of new APIs for mobile device management providers. Some of the improvements this year include more control over the setup screen during device activation, shared iPad enhancements (user-level configuration profiles), VPN configuration enhancements (VPN per app and VPN for standard apps), and allowing the end user to remove managed apps from the devices sine.

There are some new restriction settings with this year̵

7;s iOS released as well. MDM administrators can set the time zone, restrict randomization of Wi-Fi MAC addresses in iOS 14 and iPad 14, and set non-removable iOS and iPadOS managed apps.

Jamf is proud to have offered same-day support for Apple’s latest operating systems over the years. “Whether a customer wants to immediately adopt new OS features or needs to consider updates before deployment, Jamf’s commitment to compatibility and key feature support helps customers advance the world-class Apple experience that end users expect,” said Jason Wudi, Chief Technology Officer, Jamf. “This year, Apple has made important updates in user preparation, powerful workflows for the business and security while maintaining users’ privacy, and we are pleased with what these advances mean for IT and end users who depend on Apple’s platforms.

Jamf will hold its annual user conference later this month, and it will be virtual for the first time. This week Apple @ Work podcast I interviewed Sam Johnson from Jamf about the event. Look for further coverage under JNUC, then we will know what Jamf has been doing over the past year. To register (for free), go to the Jamf website.

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