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Japanese developers speak out against Apple and the App Store guidelines

Several Japanese developers have spoken out against Apple and the App Store practices, saying they fully support Epic Games and the lawsuit against the company.

According to a new report from Bloomberg:

Epic Games Inc’s decision to sue Apple Inc. for its mobile store practices has sparked a new investigation into the massive Japanese gaming market, prompting complaints and questions about how to counter the technology giant’s dominance.

The report notes Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple for a 30% cut in App Store sales, but says Japanese game studios “have broader concerns”

;, namely “Apple’s inconsistent enforcement of its own App Store policies, unpredictable content decisions and loss of communication.”

Japan’s antitrust regulator has said it will focus more on Apple after the Epic Games lawsuit, and some executives are beginning to speak out, despite fears of reprisals. A Tokyo-based developer, Hironao Kunimitsu, wrote on Facebook:

“I want Epic to win from the bottom of my heart”

The report notes that iOS is extremely important for developers in Japan, especially game makers. The report continues:

Still, the App Store is particularly problematic, according to game developers, compared to Google’s Android Play Store, where the approval process tends to be smoother and there is better communication. There is even a third-party service called iOS Reject Rescue, designed to help developers navigate the unpredictable approval process.

The creator of this service, Makoto Shoki, stated that Apple’s app review process “is often ambiguous, subjective and irrational” and that Apple’s response to developers “is often short and sweet.” Shoki further compared the relationship to “a servant who asks the master what he wants next.” They also suggested that Apple keep apps in the review queue and wait “as a sanction against a developer who gives them the wrong attitude.”

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The spotlight is largely on Apple and the App Store after the Epic Games lawsuit against the company, which has drawn plenty of public attention to what many perceive as unfair and unscrupulous policies and application of the rules.

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