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Jingwatch Download help? : applewatchfaces

Hi, I recently decided that I would like to start customizing my dials and heard about Jingwatch a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to try, but the website said it had been under maintenance for the past few weeks. I checked the site again today and it looks like the maintenance is done (I may be wrong).

The problem I have is when I click on the green installation button on the homepage, or click Installation from the drop-down menu at the top right, I am directed to another page. This page has a white background, with 4 buttons I can click on (“Trust APP Certificate”, “Watch installation”, “User’s Guide” and “* Chinese characters * (WeChat)”. I have tried to use the setup guide the app posted on their website, and see a setup guide on YouTube.Their website makes it look like I̵

7;ll receive a download popup after clicking the green install button on their homepage, and the tutorial I was looking at shows the person being redirected to the same white background screen that I am being redirected to, but the white background web page has 2 orange buttons (“Install Jingwatch” and “Install Repair Tools”) that they used to start downloading the app.

Are one or both guides out of date and therefore no longer a valid download method? Am I experiencing some sort of error? Is the app still under maintenance, which is why I do not show the orange download button or get a download popup from the website? Do I need to enable something in my settings so I can start the download? Is Jingwatch not currently compatible with the current version of iOS? I’m using Safari, I have no previous version of Jingwatch installed on my phone or watch, I’m currently using iOS 14.0.1, am I missing something obvious? I really want to appreciate some help because I do not know what I am doing wrong.

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