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Judge does not allow Fortnite to return to the App Store when the Apple battle creeps in

The royal match between Epic Games and Apple is far from over.

The ongoing debate on Fortnite, the very popular video game, allowed to return in the App Store will not be answered soon. According to Mac Rumors, a California referee denied a request from Epic Games for an interim injunction against Apple. If it were given, it would have forced Apple to leave Fortnite back on the app distribution platform when the case was processed.

“Epic Games‌ can not just break” monopoly “to rewrite agreements that provide unilateral advantage,”

; said U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ order, in part, as quoted by Mac Rumors.

Unless something radical happens, this means Fortnite will remain outside the App Store until some sort of agreement is reached or the matter is resolved. In any case, it will probably be a while – especially considering the fact that Apple and Epic Games will not return to court until May 2021, as Mac Rumors notes.

Apple fired first Fortnite out of the App Store in August, after the game’s maker, Epic Games, decided to circumvent Apple’s in-game purchase policy. In essence, Apple wanted a contract to be cut to cut sales, and Epic Games was tired of losing cash.

So Epic Games decided to give Fortnite players the opportunity to purchase their in-game currency, the V-dollar, at a discount. The catch, of course, was that to get a discount, players would need to buy directly from Epic Games – essentially removing Apple from the equation.

In a statement given to Bloomberg, Expressed Apple gratitude for the judge’s decision.

“We are grateful that the court acknowledged that Epic’s actions were not in the best interests of its own customers and that any issues they may have experienced were of their own nature when they breached the agreement,” the statement said.

Special Fortnite is a multi-platform game. In other words, players can access it other than iOS devices. Sill, Google also kicked it out of the Play Store, but Microsoft has played nicely with Epic and supported the court battle.

The case has potential major ramifications, as Epic Games mainly claims that the App Store is an illegal monopoly. If the referee should eventually find in Epic Games’ favor, it could increase the entire app ecosystem.

“This case presents questions at the borders of antitrust law in the United States,” Bloomberg Judge Rogers quotes in his ruling.

The bigger battle seems to be getting underway.

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