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Just a reminder: The Emmys Air on Sunday with Apple TV + which has 18 nominations and more

At the end of July, Apple TV + was honored with a total of 18 nominations across six premium programs. Apple’s service made history with the most program and acting nominations for a streaming service in its first year.

The big show for Apple is without a doubt “The Morning Show” which received five actor nominations and eight nominations in total.

Beasty Boys is Apple’s next possible winner with five nominations in total. Others who may have a chance at a prize include: Defending Jacob: Central Park; Home (documentary) and Elephant Queen (documentary). For a more detailed list, review Apple’s press release on this.

The show will be broadcast on the ABC network, YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV at 20.00 ET or 1

7.00 PT.


Morning Show season 2 to reflect COVID-19 and more

While we were on the theme “The Morning Show”, Deadline had already noticed in July that The Morning Show had its season 2 production stopped by COVID-19, but no one rested on their laurels. According to Emmy nominee Mark Duplass, who played the beleagured producer Chip Black, the show is being rewritten to reflect the current global situation – something they also did in season 1 in response to #MeToo.

3 x mark duplass The Morning Show

Duplass said at the time: “We shot two episodes before we closed due to the pandemic, but I know they also write about, which is crazy because that was what happened in the first season. They had a whole set of script [then] and they wrote about everything to include the #MeToo movement, and now we’ve got another, bigger, global phenomenon to deal with. I do not know what they do, but I know they write about. “

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