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Key takeaways from Apple’s Time Flies’ event

On Tuesday, Apple held its first major product event of this launch season. The company introduced the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, two new iPad models, and Apple Fitness +, the first training experience built for the Apple Watch, which provides significant development in health and wellness features for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. From innovative chip developments with the A14 Bionic to new apps and software, and the debut of Apple One subscription plans, Apple had a number of significant revelations.

Apple Park
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

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Ignoring the iPad for a moment, yesterday was all about Apple’s product distribution and the future of technology. Apple Watch has been a huge hit over the years, and has helped expand wearables / other segment quite dramatically. The service segment has also grown nicely, and the new package and Fitness + program fit perfectly into the strategy.

Apple sells premium products, and thus may require a premium price. Even when the company launches a new version of a device that does not have many major upgrades, it can usually keep its price power. This week’s event definitely showed that with the iPad series …

The big upgrade in this year’s 8th generation model was the A12 Bionic processor, which is much better than the A10 chipset found in the 7th generation model. However, Apple was able to keep the same base storage (32 GB) as well as the front / rear cameras as the last three generations, and still the price still starts at $ 329 … On a similar note, Apple kept 64 GB as base storage in new 4th generation iPad Air. There is still a clear distinction between the regular (32 GB), Air (64 GB) and Pro (128 GB) models when it comes to storage. The new Air also got a much better chipset, plus a larger screen and a better main camera. However, Apple actually increased the price of this tablet version, going to $ 599 compared to the $ 499 launch for the previous generation.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s event yesterday was a great starter for the big event – the world’s first 5G-compatible iPhones – coming in just a few weeks.

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