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Keyboard Replacement Program / Open Box / Water Damage: Apple

I brought along the Macbook Pro 2017 for the keyboard replacement program as several of the keys got stuck, repeated and some needed to be hit again with more pressure since I owned the item. I've had my MBP for almost 2 years. When I brought it in, they said that they would do the replacement free of charge, but first they had to make sure it was still within their warranty specifications. Genius who helped me couldn't even run diagnostics (requires me to log in 6-7 times and she tried all the USB-C ports). Eventually they said they would not send it out (as an advantage since it will automatically incur a $ 1300 + fee to replace the keyboard and battery [both since they are affixed to each other]). Expected turning operation will be 24 hours. I got a call the next day and they informed me that due to water damage, they would have to charge me for the replacement (about $ 1


If you made it this far, you can safely assume that I don't have $ 1300 to fix my Macbook. I was frustrated because I'm sure there was no spilled water on it. I asked the employee to return it to me what are some other options since I can't afford to drop $ 1300 right now. He asked where I bought it, as I told him I bought it from Best Buy as an open box. He said discreetly to call Apple Care and see what they could do, and asked that I not mention that the store advised me to call Apple Care. He said he can't guarantee a positive result, but that Best Buy doesn't inspect the item the way Apple does when displaying an item like a refurbished / open box, and that might help my case.

Anyone with a similar experience? What was your outcome?

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