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Keychain password makes me angry! : mac

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well: D

I basically wrote here a few days ago regarding an ssd problem. I managed to fix it (yay) but now I have another problem. SORRY IF THIS IS THAT LONG!

Okay, so I’m in the middle of a zoom call yesterday (because of school), and my MacBook Pro suddenly shuts down and restarts on its own. When it opened, I could not log in properly. There was a popup saying: “mac os want to make changes” and I had to enter my username and password to enter. As soon as I log in, a number of pop-ups appear saying: “assistant will use login keychain – please enter the keychain password”

; I click Cancel and another popup will appear: “identity servicesd will use login keychain etc. Etc. … ”A bunch of other pop-ups regarding various apps are starting to appear, and I’m overwhelmed. I entered my password and they disappeared.

Now I think the problem is gone and I will join my zoom class again. When done, I close the Mac.

I’ll be back a while later, I’m trying to log in, Exactly what’s going on! I researched and found the problem to be in the “Keychain Access” program. I did everything google asked me to do … Now I’m very hopeful that what I did worked, so I restarted my Mac to see if it actually worked … it did not 🙁

Now I’m stuck with a horrible login setup, a lot of annoying pop-ups and not being able to access my apps. I’m a little worried it’s a virus? Maybe not. I have no idea what’s going on.

So if anyone has any idea what the problem / solution might be, please let me know. I’m not ready to give up my Mac yet.


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