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Keychron K2 version 2 review

The original Keychron K2 was and still is one of my favorite third-party Mac accessories. Keychron K2 version 2 is subtly based on the original’s legacy. Watch our practical video for details.

Keychron K2 (v2) enhancements

  • Bluetooth 5.1 for more reliable connection
  • Oblique bottom frame
  • Options for two feet
  • Dedicated Caps Lock backlight
  • Tactile sliders and labels

Oblique bottom frame

The most notable exterior design difference between the original K2 and the updated version is the sloping bottom frame. Instead of a flat resting area, the updated version has a wedge design that provides an angle for writing, even when the feet are sloping.

Such an update seems subtle, but even with just a few degrees of extra incline, it feels more natural to type on Keychron K2 version 2.

Video: Keychron K2 version 2 review

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